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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Made. Unmade. Remade.

when i posted the robert browning poem i didn't realize how closely it went along with this week's scripture reading. i suppose the thought was on my mind as i prepared the sermon and stuff...

we are made in God's image...
that image is defaced by sin...
God allows us into situations where He unmakes that sin-marred image and reforms us into Christ's image.

yesterday we read that we are God's workmanship...we're His masterpiece, as one version paraphrases it. whether we're a song or a painting or a sculpture; or something "useful" like a building or a vehicle...we are well made and amazing in our complexity and useful for doing the things God has prepared (in advance) for us to do.

i view these things as a scavanger hunt...little works for us to discover along our way...going from one to the next, never knowing when we'll happen upon them...but always hoping we'll see them.

go find some.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems as though the "little" works are often overlooked or viewed as intrusions or irritations, umm or something to be done because that's my "job" I know that God appreciates the effort but sometimes we all need encouragement that is visible or tangible. I thought God had made a certain place here a certain job or jobs for me but now it seems He's unmade those positions and I can't quite get my focus as to where He has me going. As though I were fighting battles but going nowhere.

Blogger PMike. said...


your first statement is very true. we often pass over "little" works bc of how we look at them--it may be bc we feel irrated or intruded upon or bc we are just "doing our job"...

i think that generally comes from taking our focus off of God's goodness and grace.

and we do certainly need encourament and a nice thank you or other pat on the back now and, if you never received on b4...i thank you for the "drinks of cool water done in Jesus' Name" and all the other kind things you have done...

but i hope you would explain the next part of what you wrote...the part that starts with "i thought God made a certain place..."

i would love to help you sort thru this...

Anonymous nanamoose said...

i think that you have to remember that you get older and your :jobs: change what He intended for you to "do" at one point in your life changes when you reach a different point.i think that He has us changing for a reason and He always wants us to grow in Him.thank you for what ever you do annonymous and remember to slow down we all seem so busy in this day and age that little things are really big things and need to be done. and doing things for Him are the most important.

Blogger PMike. said...

i think nanamoose is right. things change, we God uses us changes.

thanks for your comment.


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