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Friday, March 16, 2007

I Hope You Spent Some Time Reading The Scripture Passages This Week

the theme of this sunday's (past) sermon was growing...

if you want to grow you should recognize that growth begins with God and His grace...He is the did not seek God on your own, God drew you to Himself...your growth in Him is our of His benevolence and grace. we play a part, sure...but with out God and God's grace we will not grow. two verses about grace (you should look them up) are Eph 2:8 and Rom 5:2.

it is our job to respond receive His grace and respond to Him by living the way He would have you live and doing the things He would have you do. (see James 1:4)

a part of our response to God is repentence...changing our "me-centered" thinking to God centered thinking. reversing our world view. putting God first. resisting the enemy and temptation. returning in our hearts to a place where we honor God. (see Rom 12:2a)

we also have to take responsibility. growth comes when we take faithful steps into leadership. growth comes when we make it our goal to serve Him and others by taking on new responsibilities. (see Heb 5:11-14)

when we change our way of thinking we become an obedient people. obedience isn't easy and often costs something, even if that something is only our comfort and convenience. but obedience is essential to growth. (see Rom 12:2b)

we grow when we live lives of worship. lives filled with prayer and conversation with God. lives filled with God's word. lives filled with God's presence. lives marked by right living and right loving.


Anonymous Bridget said...

This(the blog)is one great way to GROW. God's Grace has allowed us access to this blog where we can communicate His truths, Respond to each other regarding those thoughts, Obey Him with the knowledge we've gained therein, and Worship Him with our obedience. Thanks God

Blogger PMike. said...

that's a very nice post, bridget. thanks.


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