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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Place

over the weekend services i mentioned an online resource for sermons. here 'tis...

some favorites:

james m. boice, chuck swindoll, allister begg, john piper, steve brown...

very interesting to me, but these guys are all calvinists.

some favorites not on this site are:

mike macintosh (any one know where to find his sermons?), elisabeth eliot, tozer (well, i've only read his),...and i've enjoyed what i've heard of bill hybels, rick warren and tony campola.

take a listen.


Anonymous nanmoose said...

Wow! who knew there were so many thats going to take awhile to go through to find a favorite! yup I'm back. sorry to be gone for so long now you'll have comments more often! Still trying to figure out what God was doing with me or rather what that other guy thought he was doing???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it is the same Mike Macintosh-you can find his sermons on live webcast at Hope this helps.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another good online resource is
Just go under programming and you will find anything you have heard recently on The Light plus archives. Great resource.

Blogger PMike. said...

that's him. thanks.


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