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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lectio Divina

for the past 2 weeks we've given a handout to the folks in church with daily scripture readings that relate to the sermon. the idea is to provide a meaningful daily reference to the sermon to help us live out our faith on a regular basis. the plus is that we have the opportunity to all be reading and putting into practice the same passages of Scripture each day.

lection divina is an ancient tradition of slowly, thoughtfully, prayerfully reading thru the Scripture and letting it "come alive" to you. it is a means to a "union with God"...and walking in union with God should be our goal each day.

the problem is time. we are all pressed for time...& i don't know who or what is to blame. i want to say to you (and to me) "make time. this is the most important thing in your life." and it's true. it is. there is nothing more important to you than growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ...nothing will help you more in life than taking the time to cultivate your spiritual life and then live it out. nothing.

but time gets in the way. so, what do we do?

i think that as people experience God working in their lives in small doses, they will always hunger for more. that is, if they are sincere. if they aren't sincere...and they are just looking for a quick fix or something to "get them thru"...well, nothing will work for them--apart from getting sincere.

but, if they are sincere, they will always grow in devotion and practice. it is how "it" works.

so, i propose you take a short time (15 minutes or so). read the verse we supply. read it again. read it slowly a third time. think about it. read it once more. think about it some more. make this verse a part of a prayer (as in, "thank You for this truth, God" or "God help me to be this way" etc). then commit to living this verse out this day. it would be a good idea to write the verse down on a piece of paper (writing it helps you to remember it) and take it out here and there during the it again...pray a short prayer again...ask for help again... live it out again.

and grow.


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