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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

With Blessings

live your life today with blessings.

know you are blessed by God. at the very least, He has given you life and breath and hope. but, more than that, He has promised to meet all of your needs according to His riches in glory. He has taken up your sickness and disease. He has healed your wounds and He continues to bind up your broken heart. He is gracious and patient and loving and kind. He leads and guides and corrects and disciplines. He restores relationship with you, and now He goes about restoring relationships thru you. He gives you gifts to share with other xians and uses you to speak to those who are lost. He is your Creator. He is your Saviour. He is your Christ. He is your Shepherd. He is your Redeemer. He is your Advocate. He is yours.

live your life today with blessings.

recognize the blessings that come from people. not everyone is "out to get you"...not everyone intends to be mean. most times, their grumpiness is not bc of you...altho it may feel directed toward you. in fact, most of the time people are just caught up in their own little worlds and don't intend to do any harm...they didn't mean to cut you off, or let the elevator doors close on you. they didn't mean to cut the line in front of you...grant them a little grace.

live your life today with blessings.

and see the little things people might do for you. the kind hello or the smile as you pass. the wave of the hand as a car lets you go in front. the encouragement of a cheerful attitude. the concern in conversation. whatever it is, let it be a blessing to you. savor it for a moment. you've been blessed! this person chose to bless they didn't have to, but they did. they chose to. it may have been a small blessing, but it was a blessing none the less. experience it and enjoy it!

live your life today with blessings.

now, go and do the same. have the character of Christ...bless others as He has blessed you. be kind. be gracious. be generous. be generous with your kindness and grace. speak good things to people with encouragement. be filled with goodwill. hope the best for people and see the best in people. be forgiving. be gentle. be understanding. listen. show concern. do something for someone. drive them to the store or pick up their prescriptions for them. shovel their walk or bring over a dish for dinner. open the door for someone or smile at the cashier. speak words of life with your actions!

live your life today with blessings.

be blessed and share blessings.



Anonymous Laurie in Knoxvile said...

Hi Mike! I have not checked out your blog in a while and reading this post puts a big smile on my face.It is a nice confirmation of an experience I had earlier this week.I was sitting first in line at a red light during busy afternoon traffic.Construction on the road and a weird 3 way intersection.I couldn't help but notice the friendly way people in cars were treating each other.I drove the rest of the way home feeling peaceful and happy.With all the negativity bombarding us daily all we really need to do is pay attention to each other to see God's goodness.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is of my favorite bible verses is ph 4:8 "whatever is pure and true; what ever is holy and proper; what ever is noble and praiseworthy then think about these things"

in other words, find the good in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this verse should be the response whenever our children gives us one of those "what--ever!" (It's hard to have a sarcastic tone in print-please use your imagination) I really think that I could find the good in that one word if I kept this verse in my heart and repeated it to them often. Thanks


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