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Friday, January 19, 2007


i can hear you laughing, but i can see your pain
there need not be thunder for there to be rain
thunder is a signal & lightning is a sign
that life is never simple and love can be unkind

and in the midst of all life's storms there's an Ark to hide
and find shelter from the deluge
and float upon the tide

i see the mirror you hold up to your face
revealing all your failures your hurts and your disgrace
but a mirror's not for introspect and memory's unkind
it will always leave you hurting & steal your peace of mind

and in the midst...

i know what you are doing because i've done the same
i've worn my heart out on my sleeve and relished in the blame
but there is peace in Jesus & He's willing to impart
when your heart condemns you, He's greater than your heart


Anonymous Bridget said...

That's profound. Who wrote it?

Blogger PMike. said...

some guy who likes to think he's profound...we won't tell him you said it was profound...we don't want it to go to his head. lol.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Are these lyrics to a song? If they aren't they should be.

Blogger PMike. said...

it is a song called float...
that bill and i do.

maybe we'll sing it in church one day when it fits with the sermon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine it not fitting into any sermon.

Blogger stacey said...

this is great.


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