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Thursday, January 18, 2007


we like to read. but reading comes hard.
it is easier to watch television.

reading takes effort.
reading takes time.

but there are benefits.

it excercises your brain .
it gives you the opportunity to imagine.
you get to choose what you read and
you don't get offended by commercials.

so, here are 5 books i (or my wife) have read recently (or are currently reading) which you might benefit from.

blue like jazz by don miller (his other books are good, too)

becoming a contagious christian by bill hybels

purpose driven life...forget the hype. it is a practical masterpiece.

hymns for the family of God...tozer said "what every man needs is a bible and a good hymnal"

through the bible in a year by _______ stringfellow... an excellent B.S. book

i must say, these are only recent readings (or re-readings)...not all of them would be amongst my all time favorites...some would, tho.

check them out some time.


Blogger stacey said...

Love Donald Miller. I have all of his books thus far... although have loaned a couple out and not gotten them back, yet. GRRR


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