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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here We Go Again

new year...

where does the time go?

the hardest thing about the new year (the same is true for Xmas) is writing about it w/o being cliche'd and boring.

i suppose it's true of all writing, but it is esp. true for the things which are written about most.

we did have a nice Xmas (btw...X is the greek letter CHI...which has stood for Christ for centuries)...the kids got to have the holiday with their grandma and then we drove to see abuela y abuelo. we enjoyed our trip to the land of plenty...but we are so very glad to be back home.

we went over to nyc for an evening and (truthfully we were "lost") as we wandered about looking for the tree, we happened upon a pizza place which had a bathroom...after a long train ride and walking 15 blocks with 3 little kids (who drank a bottle of soda)...we HAD to stop. as we walked in, this guy goes...

"hey...aren't you that guy from vermont?"

turns out he and his family come up every other summer or so and attend church with us when they do...

you know what they say...small world (see? there's another cliche!)...

i got a mandolin for Xmas and strummed it during our saturday night service. i learned my first real song on it last night ("Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"...a wonderful hymn) and will debut it at a nursing home in about an hour.

here are the words to the hymn:


Anonymous Bridget said...

aaah the Holidays how we love to hate them. They were hectic but one goal was met and that was to make sure my personal focus was on what God provided for me personally. My path to salvation. I love oour LOrd no matter what. Praise God for that little baby that became our door, our light and our Savior.


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