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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've heard the Sun Still Shines

it is a grey, dreary vermont day. a little bit of rain...a little bit of cold...a little bit of wind...oops...looked out the window, a little bit of snow, too.

it's easy to feel bleh on a day like takes an exercise in faith to say the sun is still shining up above those clouds and an act of the will to say i won't dwell on how things are, i will focus on how things will be.


Anonymous nanamoosefcbapc said...

hey its vermont and dec. its suppose to snow. some of us like it to snow after 3:30pm and before 7:00 am its called pennies from heaven!!!!!weekends and holidays are even better!!!! but seriously to live up here you need to embrace all of our weather and enjoy it other wise why live here???

Blogger PMike. said...

i've actually prayed for snow for those people who live up here and make their living off of it.

it wasn't the was the grey overcast day...and it just reminded me of how life is sometimes and how God is all the time!

Anonymous nanamoose said...

gottcha but you have to remember God is the one who gives us blah days maybe its so we stop and think about Him.???

Blogger PMike. said...

tis true.


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