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Friday, November 10, 2006

Word Verification Now Enabled

there was a spam comment on a recent post...i figure, once they have your blog on their list, more will follow. so i enabled word verification. when you want to post a comment you must type in the letters as you see them (sometimes they are hard to read...but it will let you try again). this prevents automated spammers from posting on the blog.

you can still post anonymously...don't worry.

btw...what's been going on in your life?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

so many things are moving in my life in the past week that it seems like a month has past. I keep seeing God's hand in it all the highs, the lows, and am trying hard to trust Him. Scarey though. Probably that is the predominant feeling for all that I see changing in my life and the life of my loved one. I keep saying God is good to remember that the results will be good as long as we work according to His word.


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