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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When We Are Broken

when we are broken
come to us
come to us
bind up our wound with gauze we can't see


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I'm starting to think that to heal some wounds need more than bindng with gauze. When a person has been burned severely the wounds are cleaned out daily causing the injured person to suffer great pain, the gaol being removing the dead tissue and exposing new life underneath. Mabey some of us have deeper wounds that need more extensive repair. God, give us strength and perseverance. And faith to trust that You know what you are doing

Blogger PMike. said...

well, every metaphor breaks down eventually.

God heals. how He heals is, at times, a bit of a mystery.

obviously, He doesn't use gauze... it was a poetic illustration... "cannot be seen" i think, speaks of His Spirit.

but your main point is well taken. sometimes, healings can take a while...

but there are some common steps to all healings (not nec in order):

1. reliance on God
2. trusting God more than what we see
3. a decision to seek His healing
4. a decision to do what God says
5. changing the behavior that caused the wound; or,
6. stepping away from what caused/is causing the wound

there may certainly be more...this was off the top of my (pumpkin)head


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