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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Question About Forgiveness

what good has it ever done you (or anyone, for that matter) to hold on to a grudge and not forgive?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

seif preservation perhaps. Not opening yourself up to further pain, insult or injury. By keeping a wall up maby the arrows of the offender will be deflected?

Blogger PMike. said...

truth be told...i don't think it really does that.

it's like the boxer who can "take a punch" may not "hurt" them...but it does.

just ask jerry quarry or Ali

Blogger PMike. said...

i suppose then, our best bet is to stop fighting. forgiveness is part of that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

holding a grudge, forgiving a friend, all are necissary parts of life. Forgiving however, doesn't always mean forgetting or even being able to continue the friendship

Blogger PMike. said...

there are times when relationships are irretrievably broken. but most times, the relationship should live on and go on and love on. i think we cop out alot (me too) and just bail when God doesn't want us to.

forgiveness and reconcilation should always be our goal.


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