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Thursday, September 21, 2006

God's Word in my own words.

i've greatly enjoyed reading this one passage over and over this week. in fact, after a couple of days it was just running thru my head w/o reading it. i repeated it and repeated it in my thoughts...

God's word is's active...He want's to interact with me thru His word! He will speak to me if i will listen...and there is a blessing in putting into practice what i read! it's true...sometimes the "cutting" of the Scripture isn't fun to feel conviction...but the hurt always results in healing. it's amazing to me how God's word reveals my true intentions...i can be a hypocrite with other people...but i can never, ever fool God. His word "forces" me to be honest with admit my short confess my pretendings and's scary at times, but God is forever gentle with me...i am glad i cannot fool God.

thank You, God for Your word. i thank You bc it's real and true and that, when it gets inside me, it changes me. i thank You that it is eternal and unchanging and that You use it to reveal who i really am. forgive me for my shortcomings...for my failures and abandonments...forgive me for my willingness to do things my own way and pretending its Your way. i know it isn't.

thank You, God for Your forgiveness thru Christ my Lord.



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