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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


a couple of years ago i was over in town for the day and figured i'd get something to eat. i thought about mcd's but, decided against it because it had been making me feel sick...but it's just so easy! i found myself pulling in, saying "well...if it makes me sick this time, then i'll know not to eat it!"...

that's a great picture of how we often deal with our "problem sins"...but that's not what this post is about.

later that afternoon i went to see another we sat in his office, my stomache began to hurt. "stupid mcd's" i thought..."i'm never eating there again...i've really learned my lesson this time..."

that's another great picture of how we often deal with our "problem sins"...but that's not what this post is about.

after 15 or 20 minutes i couldn't even sit stomache hurt...i felt a bit feverish...not like i was going to throw up or anything...i just felt sick. i excused myself and drove home... pulling over here and there because my side hurt so bad. i got home and went inside...wondering what was wrong with me...bc something had to be wrong with me...i had never felt this bad after mcd's...i laid down on the couch...called my wife (couldn't reach her)...wondered what was wrong for a while more...

and finally, i called the doctor.

they said i should come right sounded serious. i needed their help. i also needed help to drive...i felt funny asking humbled me to have to call someone...but i really couldn't handle driving myself.

i thought about people to call and what i would say... "'s pastor mike. how are you? me? well...that's why i'm see, i have a belly ache. yeah...a belly ache. the dr. said i should come in...uhm...yeah, i guess it's a bad bellyache. but i don't think i can drive. can you take me?'s a bellyache...but it's a bad bellyache!" they, of course, came right over and drove me to the doctor's office so i could recieve the help i needed.

that is a great picture of how we should deal with our "problem sins"...but it isn't what this post is about...

it turns out i had an acute case of appendicitis...and i was in surgery in about an hour and a half. they put me under...i don't remember much there, except to say i woke up in the operating room and said "'s cold in must like to keep things fresh, huh?"...but, they took a scapel and made an incision or two and went in with a microscope and...plyers? i don't know, but they removed the offending appendix from my body.

i was a bit sore for a day or two...i preached a couple of days later (which i shouldn't have done...) but i was on the more could the useless and sick appendix affect me in a negative way... the doctor (bless his heart) hurt me in order to heal me. he took his sharp scapel and cut me and went inside and rummaged around and cut and plucked out a part of me.


that's serious business...and that's what God does and wants to do with us.

and that is what this post is all about.


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