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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Instead of a Sweet Smell There will Be a Stench"

from Isaiah3:24.

once, many years ago (i can't believe i can say that!) when i was in the U.S.A.F. (blah, blah, blah), i was walking into work behind a co worker. she was about 30 feet ahead of me and her perfume filled the air. it was a wonderful perfume...even tho it was all around me, it wasn't overwhelming. very, very pleasant. i remember closing my eyes and taking in a big whiff...ready to be transported to a field with grass and flowers and clouds and peace and love and all that other good stuff.

however, because my eyes were closed, i didn't see her light up a cigarette...and as i breathed, i didn't take in the wonderful scent i was expecting, but the awful stench of burning nicotine (and other polutants)!

i gagged!
i choked!
i almost threw up!

it is true, i thought (and think) cigarettes are pretty gross...but i could always handle them...but the problem was, it was not what i was expecting.

instead of a sweet smell there wil be a stench...
God speaks thru isaiah and warns israel of what is to come.




because God cares deeply about how His people live. and israel wasn't living rightly.

they compromised their convictions...
they disobeyed His commandments...
they exploited the poor & the needy...
they were alligned with the enemy...

and God allowed calamity to come to bring them back to Him.

how do we live?

God cares deeply.


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