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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Imitate Me, Just as i also Imitate Christ

so reads 1 corinthians 11:1...which is a part of today's scripture reading.

the first thing that comes to mind is, "that's pretty brave of you, paul"...i wish it said something like "imitate my good qualities, but skip over my bad ones"...but it doesn't does it.

the truth is, we will replicate ourselves. it will always happen.

whether it's our biological children or people "younger in the Lord" than us...they will copy our patterns...good and bad.

good and bad.
seen and unseen.

that's one reason why every Christian is responsible to become Christ-like.

people copy us.
they do what we do...
they cope as we cope...

which is why confession and repentance are so important. i want my kids (biological & spiritual) to be aware that my bad behavior is bad behavior...and there is only one way to do that

and that is to admit it was wrong and try to not do it any more.

if i don't admit wrong behavior...i endorse it.
if i don't try changing wrong behavior (after i admitted it was wrong)...i allow it to perpetuate (in me and in them).


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