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Thursday, September 28, 2006

God's Word in My Words

Trouble comes and trouble goes;
But tell me I’d like to know why is it so?
I could walk about with a stupid pout
My heart out on my coat but what good would it do?
And I could ask eternally the same dumb questions and never see
This is not between me and her…

I had a friend thought he’d be my friend till the very end
But something got changed
Somewhere, somehow, something got crossed like lines and
It just ain’t the same
And I could cry for my hurt, kick at the dirt,
pretend I’m kicking at him
but I need to see, tho I’d like it to be,
this is not between him and me

Joseph went to prison for Godly wisdom,
there just was no other reason
but Joseph knew better, trusted grace not the letter
of the law for that season
and he rose like a king and ruled over everything
even his own family; and I need to see like Joseph did
that this is not between them and me

and I can tell a thousand tales of how friends failed other friends
but I’d be wasting my breath
because life gets breezy, and hearts break easy
at the drop of a laugh
and the truth of the matter is, although life is shattered
and I’m losing my breath…
this ain’t between her and me or him and me or them and me
it’s between me and you Lord…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow...very profound.

Blogger PMike. said...

plus it rocks with music.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who wrote it?

Blogger PMike. said...

God's word in my words


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