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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Could...

not be a car salesman. nothing against them, but, by and large, i don't trust them very much. and the ones i do trust...well...i don't know if i should.

it's a generalization...i know. i'm sure there are good and decent car salesman around. you may even be one. i'm sorry i denigrated your profession. but i've bought a few cars in my life and always seem to come up on the losing end.

in fact, once when first moved to vermont, we were shopping for a second car. the owner of the small lot we were shopping at asked if we were new in town. "does it really show that much?" i thought...oh well. anyway, we told him yes, yes we were...i was the new assistant pastor at the morgan church..."oh yeah," he said, a look of recognition flashing on his face, "i saw that in the know..." [honest, this is what he said next] "my wife and i are thinking about trying a new church...maybe we'll come out to morgan."...

well, we didn't buy the car...and they didn't come to the morgan church. i often wonder if that was a flash of recognition or a flash of opportunity on his face.

i could not be a salesman of any type, i suppose. again, nothing against them. i know there are righteous and honorable salesman. people of integrity and honesty and goodness. but i couldn't sell something unless i was 100% convinced this is absolutely the best product of it's kind, anywhere, ever. there could be no draw backs...there could be no faults....there could be nothing negative about it at all, whatsoever.

there isn't a product on the market like that. i couldn't be a salesman.

that's why i'm a preacher.

first off, i don't have to sell anything. it's free.

but, more than that, i "sell" God's word.

and God's word has always now and forever will be true.


regardless of my presentation...

it's true.

regardless of my (and other's) inability to live up to it sometimes...

it's true.

regardless of my doubts...

it's true.

regardless of other people's doubts...

it's true.

despite attacks from other religions. despite attacks from the irreligious. despite attacks from other believers (yes, they do that sometimes). despite attacks from the enemy.

it's true.



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