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Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't Mess with My Coffee Cup

i (like most coffee drinkers) have a favorite coffee cup. i don't know why it's my doesn't say "i >heart< my daddy" or "world's best husband/father/pastor" doesn't have some christian slogan or symbol on it...

it wasn't a holds no special memories for warm feelings (aside from the coffee's heat) thoughts of better days gone by...

it cannot make coffee taste does not keep coffee does not make coffee drinking any easier or more enjoyable...

it is just a cup.

but it is my cup.

when someone comes over and accidently takes my cup (which i now take precautions to prevent) i get a little...uneasy. that's my cup! it doesn't belong in their shouldn't be...moving....up...toward...their...mouth!!!!

silly? i know. cups can be washed and germs can be eliminated...cooties vanquished by the indominatble comet cleanser and really, really, really, hot water. i'm not too much of a germ phobe anyway...

it's just that it's my cup. it's mine. not to be selfish...but, it's mine. it is for me to is's not extra's getting pretty old...but, it is mine. we have better cups...nicer cups...more expensive cups...prettier cups...cups with nice christian messages on'll enjoy your coffee more if you use those cups, honest you will (because then you won't have me watching your every move while you use my cup...). i'm not being selfish...i want you to have a nice cup of coffee...

just not with my cup.

because it is mine. separate from the other cups...hidden away so someone wont take it by another non-cup holding with the bread and the chips and not with all the other coffee cups.

this is a picture of holiness. it isn't about isn't about what we do--it is about who we are.

we are special to God. not bc of who we are...not bc or what we do...not bc of how we look...not bc of how we perform...

just bc we are His.

we are special.

we are His.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

uhhah now that we all know the secret hiding place watch month you might come home to me drinking from the forbidden cup (just like eve) just joking i'll probably be asleep with the kids.

Blogger PMike. said...

i've picked out a new spot.


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