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Monday, March 12, 2007

Grace, again

i think bono gets away with writing a lot of cheesy lyrics that other writers would be critiqued for...but he does drop some good ones in now and again, doesn't he?

there are some neat thoughts in this song...

"she travels outside of karma" not an acceptance of karma's reality . in fact, just the opposite.

karma is cruel.

it's not just "what goes around, comes around"...karma tells us that what we get in this life is based on how we did in past then, if someone is suffering, they are suffering for what they've done in the past and therefore, deserve it. conversely, if someone is blessed, well, they deserve to be blessed...

grace is different. grace is kind.

grace says: "you deserve punishment, but I will take it for you and you are free from it".

and grace is at work in our world, transforming people (albeit slowly at times) and making ugly things beautiful.


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