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Monday, March 12, 2007


so, we're a blessed family. we love to make music. it's fun...we have is probably fun to watch...

but the listening? probably not so much.

sometimes we hit it...sometimes we find the groove...sometimes we are in the zone...but not usually. yet, anyway...

but still music we make, cacophonous tho it is.

i imagine our heavenly Father listening...i know He is...but i try to picture it in my mind. does He wince now and again? does He tune us out and listen to yo yo ma and his son instead? would He rather listen to a couple of virtuosos rather than us?

i don't know.

but imagine Him pleased with a dad and sons and daughter who try as they might to make music. i suppose He has the expectation we will grow in our instruments (and by the way, i've been playing guitar for 20 years and i've learned more about music and guitar in the past year than in any of those 20 previous years)...but for now, He is pleased.

i think He looks at our lives that way, too. He expects us to grow...He desires our growth. but for now, He looks at us and our feeble attempts to live out the Truth of "Christ in us, the hope of glory" with bemused satisfaction.

i don't take this (and you shouldn't, either) as an endorsement of mediocrity...a "God loves you just as you are so you don't really have to try" kind of thing. He tells us to "aim for perfection".

but i think He's more interested in the process than He is interested in the performance.


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