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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Growin' Up

i was going to quote springsteen's song of the same name...i like it, but it is pretty dumb stuff. now, i like bruce...i kinda have to. bruce is to new jerseyites (of a certain age bracket) what phish was to vermonters of a certain age's part of our identity. now, that's no small feat considering nj is the most densely populated state . but, at times i find his lyrics "forced"... and so it is with growin' up...

but growin' up is something we all have to do.

diapers were fine in infancy...but grade school kids have to learn to use the toilet.
"kooties" were funny in grade school...but in jr. high you grew to crushes.
having your parents drive you to the school dance was normal...but in HS you took dad's car.
pimples were a part of HS life...but hopefully cleared up by your college years.
every sophmore was a "wise fool"...but by our senior year we respected our professors.
in our early 20's we realized dad knew what he was talking about (hopefully we admitted that to him).
in our 30's we settled down to raise kids and realized that, man! dad had it tough!
in our 40's...well, i guess i'm still learning that. i'll let you know in a couple of years, i guess.

we should all be growing. physical maturation turns to physical degradation somewhat quickly, but emotional and spirtual growth are life time pursuits.

more later.


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