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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Five Things That Inhibit Biological Growth:

1. Improper Diet
2. Improper Environment
3. Genetic Defect
4. Neglect
5. Catastrophe

Five Things That Inhibit Spiritual Growth

1. Improper Diet
when we rush thru our busy lives and do not "feed" regularly on God's Word and spend time with Him in prayer, we deprive our spiritual selves from needed nutrients.

2. Improper Environment
when we have the wrong frame of mind, we put ourselves in a bad environment. some examples of a wrong frame of mind are: A. focusing on other people's sins and not our own. B. worrying about our lives and not trusting God for our provision C. striving to be accepted by God instead believing in faith we already are

3. Genetic Defect
Heresy...incorrect teaching. every heresy effects behavior. for instance (i guess this is my "favorite"; if one can have a favorite heresy), when someone underminds the deity of Christ they (subconciously...unconciously...i don't know) immediately fall into a works based salvation. bc when you say Jesus isn't God Himself, His atonement is reduced in value and in it's ability to produced the desired results.

4. Neglect
there is an old saying "ignore your teeth and they will go away"...ignore God's Presence in your life (in the person of the Holy Spirit...)...ignore His working in your life thru situations and you are heading to a dangerous place.

5. Catastrophe
this again falls into our frame of mind. how do we recieve trials and tribulations? like God is "out to get us"? "how can this happen to ME?"...catastrophe comes...troubles come...trials come. we can learn from them, grow thru them, benefit inspite of them...if we focus ourselves on God and not on our selves.

hey, somebody save will probably be a sermon one day.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

having just gone through this i know how important it is to keep focused on His word and what He is saying to me slip up and boy are you in trouble (and you cause trouble for others) yes im still apoligizing....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband calls this P.M.S. (he's quite witty sometimes) Physical, Mental, and Spiritual well being. He says there is nothing like it. Physical (proper diet and exercise), Mental (the proper frame of mind) and Spiritual (a true growing relationship with Christ) He's a smart man-my husband-and we grow together in the Lord everyday.


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