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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is It All Really Down Hill From Here?

last wednesday i commented that "life couldn't get any better than this". i laughed as i hit enter and thought, watch i'll get diagnosed with cancer tmw...

well, it wasn't cancer. but i certainly had a time of it thursday-sunday. i had some discomfort wed night...but didn't think much of it. when i got up on thursday, i felt sick...not sick to my stomach...just different. as the day progressed, so did the much so that i went and laid down (on the job!)...i woke up shaking...i was so cold and i couldn't get warm no matter what i did. shaking and shivering...teeth was very odd, to say the least. and my stomach, ouch!

i took my temp and it was 102...i figured that was high enough to call the dr. by the time i got to the dr (thanks, pat) it was 102.5...they sent me over to the hospital, they popped in (i wish it were so easy) an i.v. and gave me some pain killers...took blood out of both arms...poked, prodded and further violated me...all the while being very nice and attentive about it.

i've heard thing about nchospital...but in our family we've been there 6 times and they have been extremely professional and thourough every time. i think we are blessed tohave a quality hospital in our area. God bless them.

they sent me home at about 1030 pm with a bottle of pain meds and 3 bottles of a lovely little drink called barium, which i spent the entire next morning sipping on. at 9am i went back to the hospital for a ct scan...and the final verdict...diverticulitis, which is an enflamed (and infected) condition of diverticulosis...currently, i have just a little pain, and a sick stomach from the antibiotics i have to take.

not cancer...but makes me appreciate the little blessings of last wednesday.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Well it depends on your attitude, it's called getting older and God did not make our bodies to last forever remember we are headed to our "real" destinations. So really the answer is that it's UP Hill from here!!!

Blogger CTF said...

OOOh, that barium stuff is no fun.

I think the downs help us appreciate the ups even more.


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