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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who Are You?

Most know this song as the theme for CSI, but for me it will always be an anthem of my youth (along with the other Who songs used on the other 12 CSI shows--good thing that pete townsend was prolific).

we loved it. we loved it because it expressed the angst we teenagers felt at not really belonging anywhere (we also loved it because it snuck the F-word onto the radio--which apparently you don't have to sneak too much to do anymore).

who are tell me where to go or what to do?
who are make me labor at some dead end job?
who are love me when i really don't feel like being loved?

it really resonated (and still resonates at times) with me.

life is full of alienation. life is full of wanting to belong, but only if it's on your own terms. thus life has it's disappointments. life has it's rejections. it's full of pink slips and sailed ships. it is no wonder to me that people get high or have promiscuous sex lives...they are looking to connect, to belong to something bigger than themselves, to have a sense of meaning and purpose to thier lives.

and that is what the Gospel brings! meaning, purpose, connection...

it answers the question "who are you?" with the statement "i am God, know Me."
and it answers the question "who am i?" with "i am a child of God, chosen out of this world to do what God wants me to do--and with His help and with His grace, that's what i will do."

remind yourself of that today. and tell someone you know the real gospel...not the one about rules and church life...the one about a God who loves them enough to die so they could belong to His family.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

It's too bad that young people aren't able to see that they are special just as they are as children of God. I have often wondered why we have to go through that period of rebelion? Even if you are raised in the "faith". Guess He has His reasons but it's much nicer being "older" and having Him with you!!!! And knowing who you are and what you are doing here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have to MAKE SURE they know. we must tell them. often.


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