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Monday, March 27, 2006

See the Man...

Your brow is sweatin' and your mouth gets dry,
Fancy people go driftin' by.
The moment of truth is right at hand,
Just one more nightmare you can stand.

See the man with the stage fright
Just standin' up there to give it all his might.
And he got caught in the spotlight,
But when we get to the end
He wants to start all over again, hmm hmm,

yeah...that was me. bill and i sang a couple of songs at a "variety show" yesterday...b4 the show i noticed that he was nervous...i wasn't especially. i had thought i had gotten over that some time ago, not in an arrogant way...i just thought it wasn't going to bother me.

things were fine during bill's song, but i was only playing guitar...then during my song...well, uhm...

while we were back stage, i spoke with some high schoolers who were playing in a band and i asked them if they played out much...they didn't, so i gave them some advice, "just pretend you know what you're doing. people wont really notice if you make a mistake if you don't appear like you've made one. we began to play my song, i started choking! couldn't think straight...sweaty hands and lips (affecting the harmonica)...and during the second verse *poof* there went the lyrics! couldn't remember them for the life of me...then i remember what i told those kids, "just pretend you know what you're doing, they won't know any different"...i smiled and just jumped into the chorus...i have no idea what bill was playing, i just hope he'd follow along!

as it turned out, it wasn't so bad. i guess my advice worked! no one really the only people who know are the ones who read this blog.

which seems to be me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, just because there aren't responses doesn't mean that there aren't readers. Some of us just prefer to read and absorb.

Anonymous nanamoose said...

Also some of us only have time to read (and enjoy) not the time to respond. Please know that we like to see what you have to say!!!!!

Anonymous Bridget said...

lately I haven't really understood what the message to meant to me and to avoid rambling unintelligently I am still.

Blogger PMike. said...

maybe it's been me who has been rambling...LOL

it's nice to know folks have been reading.

Blogger stacey said...

and me. I read, too. : ) I'm catching up now.

I miss those coffee house days. It's been a whle for me. I think I might get back into music more at my new/old church which I'm returning to this sunday.

Blogger PMike. said...

i'm a better singer than in THOSE coffee house days!

btw...stacey sang with me once at a "coffee house"--remember?

Blogger CTF said...

Of course I remember!!!


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