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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pop Quiz (I Was So Much Older then, I am Younger Than That Now)

i had a professor in college who once asked this question on a pop quiz:

what were the names of the hebrew spies who did not bring a good report?

well, that doesn't really matter. for the record their names were...oh who cares? the two who matter are joshua and caleb--the two who brought back the good report!

i don't think that professor was a bad person...he was a nice guy, for the most part. altho i did do my best to avoid classes he taught, as i disagreed with his idea of education. he said he asked questions about obscure facts because "if you know the obscure than you are sure to know the obvious".

no. people spent so much time trying to guess which bit of useless info he would ask about, that we often overlooked important stuff.

christians are often like that.

first, we think God is that He is going to test us on all the little information. but He doesn't...He's concerned with the big things:

1. is Jesus your Lord and Saviour?
2. are you loving Him?
3. are you loving people?

this is true:
at one point in my christian life i thought it was unspiritual to slurp coffee. it's very easy to see where that belief came from. when i slurped something when i was young, i got a slap on the back of the head...that kinda reinforced it, you know.

so imagine my dismay at my first pastor's gathering and all these guys are SLURPING THIER COFFEE!!!! oh my. shook me up a bit.

now...if you asked me what is spiritual, i probably would n't have listed not slurping...but when i examined my heart, i had to be honest and know that i did actually think that. i drank to the glory of God and those poor slobs (apologies if you're a slurper) couldn't drink like a saint like me!

aren't you glad you didn't know me back then?

how did my sitting up on my non slurping high horse touch God's heart? it didn't. it was senseless...and not very loving.

hmmm...i was so much older then; i'm younger than that now.


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