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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everyday I Write the Book

the title is a great elvis song...

oh...not that elvis...

chapter 1.
title: grace
after several years of reckless gambling, loose living and other things too sordid to mention i incur credit card debt so large (in the multiple millions of dollars) i could not possibly repay it.

after being arrested for credit card fraud, i'm brought before the owner of the credit card company. i ask him for a couple of weeks, that i'm expecting to get paid soon, you know...but, i'll pay it off, honest i will...i don't think the man believes least i don't think he should...

but, against all odds (you see my problem with gambling?) and against all the advice of his lawyers and underlings, the pres has mercy on me!...whoa! i can't believe it! that's great! that's awesome! i'm overjoyed...

chapter 2
title: grace part 2
after leaving the president of the credit card company's office, i figure i'll stop and get a bite to eat. but, hmmm...where to go? what do i feel like today? maybe i'll go by that place that has those electronic poker machines...maybe i'll pick up a lottery ticket on the to make back that money, youknow...

but, then i see him! there he is! he owes me $50!!! whoa! what i could do with 50 bucks! that's like an hour on the poker machine!!! whoohoo!

"hey, man."
"Got my money?"
" have $5 here but my kid needs lunch. but i get paid in a couple of days (haven't i heard that???) and i'll be able to pay you then."

tune in next tuesday to see if i give the guy a break.

i'll be taking bets on whether i do at:



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