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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Day Like Any Other Day

if you love your lover every day in a way that makes her feel loved you don't have to spring for expensive jewelry on valentine's day.

great wisdom from the I Ching.

anyway...from Exodus 39 (a description of the High Priest's clothing):

"and they set onyx stones, enclosed in settings of gold; they were engraved...with the names of the sons of Israel, as the LORD commanded Moses....and he made the breastplate...and set in it four rows of stones...there were twelve stones in all according to the names of the sons of Israel."

and so, when the High Priest entered into the Holy of Holies--where the very presence of God was--he did so bearing the names of the children of Israel.

so it is with Jesus:

"therefore, since we have a great High Priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let ushold firmly to the fiath we profess."

Jesus as the True High Priest has borne our sins on His shoulders to Hell and keeps us close to His heart and He is raised from the dead and ascends into Heaven...and that (according to Paul in the book of collosians) is were we sit with Him...


Anonymous nanamoose said...

If you love and respect your guy everyday then everyday is valentines day. mine has been for 28yrs.

Anonymous bridget said...

that's what I told the kids. We didn't exchange stuff but talked about respect and kindness on a day to day basis as gifts of love. a lot less expensive monetarily but worth so much more than the most expesive flowers.


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