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Friday, February 10, 2006

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Jesus tells us a parable (a short story with a pointed lesson) about 10 virgins in today's gospel reading. they (the virgins) were to be something akin to bridesmaids and all were instructed to be ready for the coming of the bridegroom. this meant they were to keep their lamps fit with wick and oil. 5 did so, 5 did not.

all of a sudden the call came out, the bridegroom is coming! he'll be here any moment, quick! go get your lamps!

"uhm..." said 5. 'gee...can you...uh...that is...can we...uhm...borrow know...borrow some..uhm...oil?"


no? that's not very christian, is it? it doesn't sound it, anyway.

but that is because of the point of the parable...the point isn't selflessness or generousity or giving...there are other parables for that. it is about personal responsibility and the need to be spiritually fit and ready.

we cannot coast along on the coat tails of someone else's (whether it be a parent, friend, spouse or leader) spirituality.

another thing about this often made me feel like keeping my lamps trimmed and burning was a bit of a chore...

"! i have take down the lamp, find a new wick...replace it! then find some oil...fill it up...etc, etc..."

but it is not. knowing Jesus, walking with Jesus, loving Jesus is about cultivating a deep, growing, loving, awe inspired friendship...

keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

we are all responsible to cultivate our relationship with the Lord...


Anonymous nanamoose said...

This is a good one hard to do some days that are soo.. busy but very important. though I have found that just a short visit with Him does wonders for the soul!


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