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Thursday, February 02, 2006

What is that?

sometimes the bible is very funny.

the israelites complain to God that they don't have food and drink...this is just after:

1. God does a MIRACLE and saves them from the egyptians
2. God does a MIRACLE and purifies "bitter" water for them to drink
3. God does a MIRACLE and allows them to camp by an oasis

yet they complain and wish they were back in egypt where "our pots were full of meat and we ate bread to the full"...and where (oh yeah!) we were slaves with terrible masters...but that's besides the point--GIVE ME WHAT I WANT...NOW!!

i shouldn't be so hard on's what i do too.

anyway, what does God say?

I'll give you some food, wait and see.

come morning, as the fog lifted, where the dew once was, there was this...this...this...i don't know, hey levi, what is it? levi said, "hmmph mmhph grmmph ckmmpph" (translation: i don't know, but it tastes good!")

that unknown stuff became known by the name "what is it" (manna) and they had it as long as they wandered in the long as they were willing to go out and take the day's worth (2 days worth on friday--no work on the sabbath)...they could bake it, fry it, dry it, try it...or, i guess, was there and it was their's...

they only had to go out and recognise it.


Anonymous Bridget said...

realizing what God has provided for our good instead of always looking at what you see as good denied is a very important lesson for us all to practice.


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