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Friday, January 27, 2006

(Some Asides)

For the life of me, i cannot read the book of Exodus without hearing charlton heston as the voice of moses...

God tells moses to "take your shoes off, this is holy ground"...sometimes we take our shoes off to make us more comfortable.

who knew moses was a yankee's fan. God said "moses, what is that in your hand?" moses answered "(a picutre of) A Rod". it figures that when moses thru it on the ground it became a snake.

how should we deal with disagreements with other people?

Step one:
Confront the individual.
(if they respond that settles it)

Step two (if needed):
Bring a neutral third party and confront the idividual.
(if they respond that settles it)

Step three (if needed):
Tell the leaders of the congregation.

If none of that works, treat him like a "sinful outsider". now, we would like that to mean we are justified in disliking them and ignoring them (or worse, treating them poorly)...but what should our attitude be with those "outside" of Christ? it should be that of love and forgiveness, that they might eventually understand the gospel of grace...

so it should be with them.


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