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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What's That?

Genesis 50

joseph's brothers recieved his forgiveness after a little convincing...but now their father is dead. he was a bit of a "buffer" between the brothers... and they figured joseph just forgave them for his father's sake, and now that he's gone...

they might have said:

surely joseph had mercy on us because of his father, but now that he is dead, so are we! he can do anything he wants to us! sure he told us he forgave us...he probably even meant it...then! but now? i just don't know.
if i was him...i'd kill us.

the brothers didn't understand the work of grace in joseph's life...maybe because that work hadn't taken place in their lives...i don't know. but i can understand them not being able to understand joseph's forgiveness, because we are very much the same way.

we've asked Jesus into our lives and asked Him to forgive us our sins &, on some levels, we believe Him that He has done that for us.

but left hanging around are these little seedling feelings of unworthiness, shame and regret...

sure He forgave me...then. but now? i'm not so sure. how could He? I wouldn't.

i've felt that way...but, as you have heard a zillion times, we do not live our lives based on feelings-but on God's promise. why is it that the promise is good for our "salvation experience" but not now?

the truth of the matter is we were "in Christ" and our sins were nailed to the tree along with Him...

how many of your sins were committed at the time of Jesus' death? none. but they were nailed to the cross along with Him...every one of them.
first ones...fifth ones...thirtieth ones...10 millionenth ones...even our last ones.

learning to embrace this truth is what learning to live in God is all about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intellectually I understand that God has forgiven me but I still have a hared time forgiving myself especially when I still reap that which I sowed some 20 years ago. It's hard to stand form in my faith when the mirror reminds me daily of what has passed and the outcome of bad choices.

Blogger PMike. said...

faith comes by hearing.

we all have past bad choices we have to live with...scars and wounds seemingly left unhealed. what we MUST do is:

1. jot down some appropriate Scripture passages (1 Jn 1:8-9; Rom 8:28 and others)

2. read them over and over...ALOUD

3. remind yourself: this is for me...when you look in the mirror and see that person looking back at you--tell yourself the truth. yes, you've made mistakes...but God forgives and forgives...what's that song (and bible vers)?

He giveth more grace...

when our hearts condemn us, He is greater than our hearts.

look, we all struggle with these things...actually...let me continue in a post.


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