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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Secret of a Fine Whine

alas, my first post is lost to the whim of cyber space (or a mistake on my part...). but here is a re-hash.

psalm 13 is a complaint. he (the psalmist) complains that God has forgotten him and that he must eat sorrow and have his enemies trample over him. that's a tough spot to be in...and we all have probably felt that way from time to time. how long? how long? how long? he asks.

but he doesn't stay there. in his complaint he talks to God and asks God to enlighten his heart. "lest i sleep the sleep of death"...he doesn't want to stay that way! he wants to change.

and he does...he begins to praise God! he rejoices in God's mercy...he exults in God's salvation--he sings to the Lord because God has dealt "bountifully with him".

have you ever come home after a long day and after you've gone about your business (cook dinner, take care of the kids, did some inddor chores, or sat and watched the game...) realized you still have your big ol' boots on? they are heavy and clunky and generally just make you feel tired...more tired than you really are.

why ddin't you take them off? it would have made sense to, wouldn't it? once you do you feel a giant relief. wow! i wish i would have done that an hour ago!

it is ok to complain...we have a biblical example of it. but here's how it should go:

examine our heart.
focus on God's goodness.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Come home!! !! some of us work at home and still feel the same way(and remember I go barefoot all the time)There just does not seem to be enough day any more and there is also too. much information to take in. Alittle quiet time with Him is what it takes to get me going again.

Blogger PMike. said...

me too.

Blogger PMike. said...

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