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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Listening for the Secret, Searching for the Sound

this is a song that has long challenged me to be authentic in my faith and preaching:

Unbroken Chain
by Lesh/Peterson

Blue light rain,Whoa unbroken chain,
Looking for familiar faces
In an empty window pane.

have you been there? looking for who you are in the dark reflection? wondering...wondering who am i, how am i, who should i be?

Listening for the secret, Searching for the sound
But I could only hear the preacherAnd the baying of his hounds.

we're all looking for that something...or should i say Something (or SOMETHING). we listen for it...we search for it...we want to find it. but what do we find? condemnation...criticism...hypocrisy...

ouch. that's not Jesus.

we (the Church) often don't measure up. &, i must personalize it, i often don't measure up.

Roll you down the line boy,
Drop you for a loss,
Ride you out on a cold railroad
And nail you to a cross.

have we done that? have i done that? i guess maybe i have, if i am to be honest. i've given people the wrong idea of who God is and how He is.

Jesus is the Lover of our soul...He is a Delight and it is Delightful knowing Him...what are we saying to people with our words and with our lives? is that Who He is to us?

that is Who He is...that's why i believe He can heal every wound, every hurt, every disappointment, every, every, every. that is who He came for.

there is a wonderful book that would be a good read. it is called "blue like jazz" by don miller. my copy is currently loaned out and promised to another when it gets back...but you can have it after that.

Dear God,

Please help Your little children to love one another

For Jesus' Sake.



Anonymous nanamoose said...

I've been trying! Even working real hard at loving the un-loveables. It's hard in this current world there are so many "evil" ones that you just wonder how we are going to continue. But as I belive in Him I will keep on working on it. and as I want to follow Him I had better try real hard!

Anonymous Bridget said...

Loving the "unloveables" is sometimes easier than loving the wayward know..."I believe but I don't care"...or "I believe but on my terms" I guess I have to get up again and place my feet solidly in the palm of God's hand and just stand still and pay attention to where he points me. Yeilding to Gods will.

Blogger PMike. said...

i recognise what you are both saying...but

hmmm...maybe if we stop thinking of them as "un-lovable" and start thinking of them as people Jesus died for...they are God's gift to you, forcing you to rely on His love.

what helps me in both of these situations is recognising just how prone i am to them. i am unloveable at times and i am a "wayward believer" (wasn't that a monkee's song?) at times.

i am grateful for His love. and i am grateful for His love that comes thru others.


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