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Saturday, January 14, 2006

To the One who made my mouth

to the One who made my mouth
help me to speak the words i should speak
and to keep it shut when i should

to the One who made my nose
help me keep it where it belongs
in Your business, Lord
and not in the business of others

to the One who made my eyes
help me to look upon the things i should see
and to look away from
that which would lead me away from You

to the One who made my ears
may they be attentive to Your every word
and tune out the clamor and
the din of the day

to the One who made me in His image
and gave me life and breath
and new life and spirit
help me to live my life in You and with You and for You


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for in a very sweet way, you have given us a very big message, I will try to readn it often.

church fellow

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometimes get weary of looking up striving to keep focused even as I know that that is how we keep in the race not necessarily to win, but just to finish. It can be a daunting challenge. so I pray for courage and mabey just a little sunshine in an ongoing battlefront. Thanks for the reminder that we do have a responsibility to walk the straight path.

Anonymous nanamoose said...

When I get frustrated with trying to do this I will come back to this and feel re-energized. (like the bunny I'll keep on going!)

Anonymous Sam's Mom :-) said...

I am going to read this to Sam before going to church! :-)

Blogger caspar's pal said...

How about to the one who made my brain that whirl's around and won't stop coming up with ideas and answers to unfinished conversations?


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