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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Faith and Provision

today's reading: Gn 21:1-22:24; Ps 6:6-10; Pr 3:5-6; Mt 8:18

one day i sat and watched out the window as my (then) 2 y.o. son was playing with his grandfather. they played for awhile, and then abuelo decided it was time to go in. well, J. would have none of that and began running circles around his 70'ish grandfather; and for as long as he saw fit, that's the way it was... J. running around and around, stopping until abuelo got a little closer, then running around and around again.

so, when i think of abraham's faith in willing to sacrifice his son, his only son, the son he loves; i think also about isaac, who was 13 to abraham's 100 or so. just as J. ran circles around his grandpa...for as long as he wanted to...isaac could have (laughingly) ran circles around his dad, resisting what God was going to do.

and what a different story that would be.

the thought comes to mind, how many times have i (unlike isaac) ran circles around that which God was going to do in my life?


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