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Monday, January 09, 2006

He Laughs!

when God begins to give abram (now renamed abraham-"father of many") details of his impending nation building, abraham "falls on his face and laughs". he laughs! laughs at what God said to him! maybe abraham is taking being called a "friend of God" a bit too far.

But what God said is true...and He isn't taken aback by abraham's laughter. in fact, if abraham's and sarah's childlessness is a problem, God tells him to name the solution to that promlem "he laughs"...or is it "He laughs" Isaac named for abe's laughter or God's laughter at abraham's faithlessness?

Ps 2 says "the One who sits in heaven laughs" at the folly of men and their schemes. He laughs. you have a problem? i have problems...

i've decided to name them "He laughs".


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