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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Growing in the Knowing & Caring in the Sharing

i'm a committed christian. i read the bible most every day and study it often. i have a degree in bible (a b.s.!) and lots of books. but the thing is, when i read the bible i still have to scratch my head at times.
cain built a city (where did the people come from?). methuselah (he's the cat with snakes for hair, right?) lived to be 960 years old. sons of God and giants...giants?
i've read the answers to those questions...and they seem plausible to me. i like finding the answers out. but those answers really don't satisfy the bigger question. "does God really love me?"
i get asked a lot of questions...some serious, some about nitpicky issues, some asked just to see if the person can get a rise out of me. but underneath all of those questions, is that same, single, big question: "does God really love me?". i answer the big questions as best i can...i entertain the nitpicky ones...i strive to not allow my flesh to rise up when i'm asked some argument provoking question. because it is important to me to try to answer that bigger question, the "does God really love me?" question with my love for them.
learn. study. answer. but most importantly, love.


tmw's reading: Gn 7:1-8:22; Ps 3:1-4; Pr 1:20-22; Mt 4:1-25


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