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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

upside out, inside down...

i've always liked that lyric. it speaks of being completely different from what is expected. more than just the opposite, but the opposite turned around and sat on it's head. etisoppo, shall we say (i was standing on my head as i typed that!).
That's what Jesus' teaching was--etisoppo (say it with an italian accent and motion with your hand as you say it, it soundsa good). etisoppo living is Kindom living.
are you feeling down? well, you are blessed-heaven is yours!
are you crushed by life? well, you are blessed-God's comfort is yours!
are you timid? well, you are blessed-the whole world is yours!
do you really want what's right? you are blessed! God will give it to you!
are you merciful? do you have a pure heart? are you a peacemaker? you are blessed! you'll obtain mercy, you'll see God, you will be the child of God!
now, are you picked on for your faith? you are blessed!
That is etisoppo! and when we live etisoppo we show the world that they are actually the ones who are upside out...or was that inside down?


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