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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Spring Run

i've caught glimpses of the "spring run"--the first time heifers are released from the barn after a long, cooped up winter--and i've heard the stories...mooing and pushing and shoving and stomping and chewing and...kind of like i remember the train back home in Jersey City.
freedom, sweet freedom.
so, i wonder what it was like when noah opened the door to the ark. in the past, i have had the picture of stoic, efficient, military-like discipline when i've thought of it.
but, it wasn't like that...they were animals! skunks had to scurry out of the way of horse's hooves and birds playfully swooped and looped around girraffe's necks...llamas snipped at each other and oh, how i wish one of them would have squashed at least one of the mosquitoes.
i can picture noah and his sons and all of their wives laughing and pointing and joking as they half heartedly tried to maintain at least a little bit of order amongst the animal arnarchy.
i picture Jesus that same way. laughing, joking...a bit playful. not joking to be the center of attention--he wsn't the class clown--but because of the joy He had in doing His Father's will.
i think we all might do with a spring run or two.


Blogger stacey said...

wow, i never thought about that. Not to mention all the animal waste...ew...and human for that matter. It must have been a mess!

Anonymous nanamoose said...

hum... I have always wondered what went on in the ark during the time they were there??? and knowing how fast some animals reproduce how many animals came off the ark???


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