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Sunday, January 15, 2006

learning to live in God

i do think we can learn to live in God...if we understand what living in God is all about.

it is not about:
our performance.
meeting our expectations.
meeting other's expectations.
doing what we are supposed to do.
not doing what we aren't supposed to do.
going to church on sun morning (and sat night).
my (or any one else's) laundry list of religious things.

it is about:

Trusting God.
Believing His Promises.
Growing in relationship with Him.

more a little later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to trust God beelieve His promises grow in my relationship with Him,how? My life keeps getting in the way

Blogger PMike. said...

how does "life get in the way"?

i know any thing i say will sound trite and condescending. but you must: 1. trust God. 2. believe His promises. 3. grow with and in Him. i know things seem like they get in the way...but they don't have to. learning to live in God is learning to experience His presence in everyday the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of music (even non xian music!)... in the beauty of any and every thing. i think one of the problems is it's so easy, that it seems like it cannot be true.


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