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Monday, January 16, 2006

Wisdom is Justified by Her Children

jacob, in talking about the God of his fathers, says:

"the God of Abraham and the Fear of isaac"...i think that is an interesting (and very cool) Name.

but let's talk about something else...

john the baptiser (jtb) sends a message asking if Jesus is the "Coming One" or if they should look somewhere else.

Jesus tells the messengers: "go and tell him what you see and hear". what did they see and hear? that people are loved.

Jesus then explains something. jtb came and he didn't eat (except for honey & locusts) nor drink wine and people criticised him. Jesus came and He ate and drank and people criticised Him.

who has the problem? jtb? Jesus?

no, the critics have the problem.

Jesus then said "wisdom is justified by her children" other words, look at the fruit of a person's life...what are they like...? what's their demeanor? what do they pass on to other people? do they love one another?

Dear God

help Your little children to love one another.



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