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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pray for the Tommy Jacksons

this morning's reading is Mt 13:1-30

when i first became a christian i had a friend named tommy jackson. tommy was raised in the church and, altho he didn't think much of church he did sing in a gospel choir. it was obvious the Lord was dealing with tommy...just as it was obvious that tommy didn't want much to do with that dealing.

one day tommy came to me and said "jake, i know who i am in the Bible.". "judas", i thought. "peter?", i said. "no, i'm the seed that was cast on the stoney ground" he said, quite happy with himself for being so observant and obviously hoping i shared his enthusiasm. "i heard the word and recieved it, but the things of the world have choked it off".

truthfully, i at least respected his honesty...but i'm not sure if sadder words were ever spoken to me. it still makes my heart sad thinking about tommy.

that's a long time ago and thru the ensuing years i've known alot of tommys (albeit most weren't as honest)...i think of him alot--he was one of my first "challenges" as a xian--when i think of him i pray for him (a part of me doubts he is still alive, he loved this world--and it's sin--so much) and i pray for all of the tommy jackson's of the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does this mean? my first "challenges" as a xian. What is a xian?

Blogger PMike. said...

xian=christian...x is the grk letter chi which starts the greek word "Christos"

if you were also asking about "the challenge" part...

tommy was a good kid...who knew better but chose to live his life in a way that was not pleasing to God. he challenged my new found faith with his questions and then his utter disregard for the answers.

i remember once while the gospel choir was singing (it was made up mostly of beleivers) i was praying for tommy...that God would work in his life. he looked at me and i probably nodded a little at him... poor guy, began to cry...i thought, "this is it! God is breaking thru!". i went to talk to him after...he went out to get drunk and carrouse.

as a matter of fact, i think it was the next time i saw him that he told me about which seed he was.

Blogger newbornone said...

you have to choose to be a christian yourslef. I think if your made to go to church as a kid,in years to come you may stray.

Anonymous bridget said...

You always have a choice. That's the wonderful thing about God He loves us so much that He allows us to love Him, or not, freely. We have all the tools in front of us to make an informed decision as long as we look at Him but the world is so attractive that the choice gets harder. I know a few "Tommys" that I pray for always.


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