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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Big One

We're always waiting for the Big One...

the big earth quake, the big flood, the big financial shakedown...fred sanford was always waiting for the big one....

we've even seen some of the big ones in recent times...

big is relative. big has to be compared to something in order to be big. my kids marvel at how strong i am...when, truth be told, i'm not very (but don't tell them that)...but they compare themselves to me, and to them, i am strong. bless thier hearts.

Jesus tells us about the "big one".

"i'll let a lot of things can say want you want about Me...but if you see the work the Spirit of God is doing and say that it isn't Him, but it's the devil...then you're in trouble."

for the Xian, everything else can and will be forgiven.

one more thing about "the big one"...we often look at our spiritual lives as a quest for the "big one", the big thing we can do for God that would cement us in His memory...

in a sense, there's nothing wrong with desiring to do great things for God. we should aspire to do great things...

but the wonderful truth of Christianity is that God is in the everyday. He's in the waking and the sleeping...He's in the eating and the drinking...He's in the going to work and in the family time. He's ever present and He's always with us and we can give Him glory honor and praise in every minute of every day.

the good job we did at work today glorifies God and could provide an opportunity to share our faith with someone...same with the kind deed...

same with the time we sinned against someone. sure. we can go to them, apologise and ask for forgiveness. what better representation of the christian life could there be than a humble heart seeking forgiveness?

here i come elizabeth


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