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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cold Rain and Snow...

what a day yesterday was. it was warm in the morning, began to rain and then as it got colder, the rain (and my car) froze. then, of course, the power went out and stayed out until night. pipes froze (but didn't break)...

you know what? that's a crock. i mean, it is true...but there was a mudslide in the philipines that took out a whole village, riots in the muslim world (over stupid cartoons! but that's another story), a war...

i guess having to wear an extra sweater or blanket isn't all that bad.

God forgive me.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Yup an inconveniuse (sp ineed sp ch where is it!!) But in the scheam of things we are very lucky here in the "kingdom" ummmm... is there a connection? And all of us pray for those who live where there are constent dangers.


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