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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Memory Like a ...

what was that saying???

in numbers 11 the israelites are complaining about thier current situation and lauding it's former situation.

"don't you remember? we had leeks, and onions, and melons and fish! oh! that was livin' wasn't it??? now? all we have is this manna...yuch." forgetting, ofcourse, that this (yuch) manna is the food that God has provided for them.

in the passage, we see a few things that might help us.

1. Beware the Trouble Maker! (v4)
there was a mixed crowd...part hebrew, part gentile...folks they picked up along the way, i guess. they stirred up trouble...there are always people in our lives (or the lives of our churches) who just like to stir up trouble. they will be "part spiritual, part...well, not so spiritual"...they will point out the problems (altho they might not have much of a solution) and remind you of the way things used to be (or the way they could be, if only...). they are bent on trouble...give them long enough and they will have trouble with you.

2. Focus on God's Blessing (vv 7-9)
God supernatually supplied the food they needed for thier survival. my guess is, had they lists of ingredients and nutritional information, it would prove to be perfectly suited for desert conditions. heavenly MRE's.

3. The Greener Grass is Probably Filled with Pesticide (vv31-34)
wouldn't it be great if God just...or if God did that...or if i had that wife...or those kids...or that church...or that house...or that_________. no, it wouldn't. life is life. you are you. if you are miserable'll grow miserable then. learn to love God and be content with what He has blessed you with (even if it's just manna in the desert).


Anonymous Bridget said...

A fellow Christian and I were sort of talking about this subject today. She has been blessed immensely,financially,socially,a new home and more. They went through an intense time of trial completely trusting God for the outcome. With this new blessing comes new trials. How to be good stewards of the money to use thier status to further God's kingdom etc. We reminded each other that to those who are given much much is expected. I told her about all the tools God has already put in her, just use them. We need to remember that a blessing is from God but used for God.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a great thought on givin stuff up.God doesn't seem to waste any actions.He is so efficiant in nature and in the events he brings about in our lives.He ALWAYS gets the biggest bang out of a buck so to speak.It was nice to be reminded that giving stuff up is only half the equation.


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