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Friday, February 24, 2006

We Ought to Advertize this Stuff:

last night's bible study contained a 20 minute discussion on the pros and cons of marajuana use amongst christians.

it was interesting and challenging. we really had to think about it...

that's the way it is with what we order to really "own" what we believe, we have to think it thru...ponder it...wrestle with it.

when we are asked about a tough subject, we shouldn't ever just give the answer that we've always heard. it may be the "right" answer, but if it isn't "our" answer people will see right thru it.

working thru tough questions takes:

clear thinking.

it takes guts because:

wrestling with questions may reveal some of our own personal weaknesses.

for instance, i have no desire to smoke pot. one of the reasons i said i didn't was that it was a "crutch" of sorts for people...then we started talking about other crutches we xians have.

it takes honesty because:

1. when a personal weakness is revealed, we must be willing to admit it (at least to ourselves)
2. we must admit that there are some issues (maybe even many) that aren't exactly black and white...

again, in last night's conversation, i was never tempted to give in and say smoking pot is ok for a christian...i was never tempted to give in and begin using it as a crutch...

but i did have to come to terms with my own crutches--i had to admit that i have them. it doesn't negate our point about pot being a crutch, but if we pretend we don't have one, it gives fuel to the other person to dismiss what we are saying because we are a hypocrite.

sometimes in the course of debate (not argument, hopefully!) we must concede certain points. if a position is meritless, not too many people would take that, when someone makes a good point, come clean and admit it.

for instance, i am not calvinist in my theology. there are reasons i am not, and those reasons are (obviously, to me) compelling reasons...but i would do myself (and my position) a dis-service if i don't admit that calvinism makes some very good points. it doesn't diminish my position, but it does challenge me to think it thru.

let's be people who think.


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