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Thursday, March 09, 2006

From a Favorite Song Writer:

by Bill Mallonee

from a simple plant…that was long growin’ there
from king of the world…to a worst nightmare
got you an old recipe…and some chemicals to stir
it might have felt like God once…but now it’s lucifer

Oh! To just be clean!
And you know the thing is sleeping
Just a scratch below your skin
And God knows if you wake it up
You’ll have to calm it down again
And I wonder what it felt like
when the waters flooded in
from a dam that you had broken
and it was too hard to swim

and it feels like a hunger…but you cannot feed the thing
and it always seems to want a song…that you can never really sing
and it never shows the truth…till the poisons leakin’ through
what you thought you were doing…is now doing you

Oh! To just be clean!

now it could take a few years…to dig out of this mine
with a shaft so deep and dark…well, it could take a lifetime
when choices are a like diamonds…you found down there one night
you gotta grab the one that’s your true self…and bring it to the light

Oh! To just be clean!


Anonymous Bridget said...

I've read this about 5 times trying to relate it to my life. We've talked about loving God,loving people and loving your neighbor as yourself now this points to the thing sleeping just below your skin (self hatred or sinful nature)and it makes it more clear to me how hard it is to do the simple task God has placed before us which is to love.

Blogger PMike. said...

ultimately the song is about drugs, & in particular, addiction. if you read it in that light you will see alot of it clearer.

however, we who are not addicts (recovering or not) could most definitely relate it to sin...


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