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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Loving God, Loving People.

reading another blog today i was challenged to ponder this. we say it a lot...but what does it mean?

the writer said he thought it was antinomian (meaning, basically without law or moral restraint). i would disagree. Jesus said doing these two things actually fulfills the law.'s a good question...what does this statement mean?


Anonymous Bridget said...

When God came into my life I was filled with a knowledge of His deep unconditional love for me. A love so strong that I had to reciprocate. The love I feel for God is so great I can't deny it, even in my darkest times. Because I love Him so much and He does me, I identify with Him and want to be like Him, live for Him. That drives me to do as He does and love His people. My love for others is God given.W/o Him I have none.

Blogger PMike. said...

that is really quite profound. thanks.


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